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Supporting diverse learners

Every classroom is full of diverse learning needs. How can we make sure that every student feels heard, included and engaged?

One of Kognity’s key learning principles is that learning should be inclusive. It guides our product development, but also the supporting materials we create for educators worldwide to enhance their teaching.

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Tips for teaching multilingual learners

One of the fastest-growing groups in our schools is multilingual learners. While they enrich classrooms with their unique perspectives, they often also require specialized support.

In a recent blog post, we shared eight stress-free strategies for supporting multilingual students in secondary schools.

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Celebrating neurodiversity

Does your classroom buzz with the excitement of a truly inclusive learning environment? How can we design education experiences to meet the whole spectrum of needs for neurodivergent students?

Discover seven tips for celebrating neurodiversity and unlocking the potential of every student.

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"Kognity has been really beneficial for student understanding"

Lee Kelsall is the IB Coordinator at Humanitree in Mexico City. He’s been teaching with Kognity since 2015, and when he joined Humanitree in 2020 he brought Kognity with him.

As a school leader, Lee really values Kognity’s built-in reading assistance tools, which enable all students to adapt the content to meet their individual needs.

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