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Louisa Rosenheck • 12/02/2024  •  30 sec read

diverse learners | edtech | inclusion | neurodiversity | technology | Universal Design for Learning

Ed Tech in the Neurodiverse Classroom

Neurodiversity at its heart is the idea that different minds work in different ways, and learn best in different environments. In the classroom, technology should be designed and implemented in ways that are flexible and adaptable enough to support a wide variety of students and the ways they want to engage in learning and demonstrate their understanding.

This session starts with some basics about what neurodiversity means, and it will present some examples of ed tech tools that support diverse learners. It will share the Universal Design for Learning framework to explore classroom practices that leverage these tools as well.

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Louisa Rosenheck

Director of Learning Design for the Kahoot! Group

Louisa Rosenheck is a thought leader in the ed tech field, with a passion for game-based learning and playful pedagogies. She works to promote deeper learning through designing playful experiences, developing creative ways to assess learning, and building capacity in other organizations to implement innovative digital learning and curriculum in their own contexts. She is a co-author of the book Resonant Games and teaches ed tech design at the Harvard School of Education. She spent over a decade doing research on digital games and creative learning at MIT, and is now the Director of Learning Design for the Kahoot! Group.