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06/04/2023  •  2 min read

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Webinar: Making Science Accessible for All Learners

While the need for new talent in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics continues to grow, school leaders and leading stakeholders still struggle to address the issue of diversity in STEM subjects.

Looking at science specifically, it is a reality that the leading figures of the scientific community tend to be white and to represent non-minority ideologies and perspectives, which provide the foundations for accepted scientific practices and policies. This in turns sets the rules for appropriate behavior in STEM subjects, with the result that students from different backgrounds, with different cultural ideas and experiences, often do not perceive themselves as scientists.

The challenge, then, is to provide learning environments that actively challenge misconceptions of what it means to be a scientist, so that all students – regardless of race, gender or cultural background – are free to pursue their scientific interests and abilities. In this webinar, Dr. Jennifer Stimpson explains how this can only be achieved by recognising STEM education as a social justice issue, which provides an incentive for equitable education.

About the presenter

Dr. Jennifer Stimpson is an educator, entrepreneur, and community leader, serving students through practice and innovative programming. She stands by the philosophy that teachers inspire students to become active lifelong learners. Her global vision to advance science literacy for middle school girls mirrors her community, civic and public mission, and advocacy promoting science education equity.

Dr. Stimpson is an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator, black female scientist, HBCU, Big 12, and Ivy League alumna.

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