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Dr. Jennifer Stimpson • 26/01/2024  •  30 sec read

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The Future is STEM: A Guide to Making Science Accessible for All Learners

Delve into the insights of Dr. Jennifer Stimpson, an accomplished educator and scientist, as she shares strategies to enhance equitable access to science in K-12 schools.

This guide, based on the webinar “Making Science Accessible for All Learners“, explores the importance of diversity in STEM, breaking down barriers to success, and offers practical tips for creating inclusive learning environments. From Science Cafes to mentoring programs, learn how to inspire students and foster a love for STEM through innovative and diverse approaches.

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Jennifer Stimpson

Thought Leader in STEM Education

Dr. Jennifer Stimpson is an educator, entrepreneur, and community leader, serving students through practice and innovative programming. She stands by the philosophy that teachers inspire students to become active lifelong learners. Her global vision to advance science literacy for middle school girls mirrors her community, civic and public mission, and advocacy promoting science education equity. Dr. Stimpson is an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator, black female scientist, HBCU, Big 12, and Ivy League alumna.