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Sheryl Abshire & Allison Reid • 21/11/2023  •  30 sec read

AI | k-12

Webinar: AI: The Next Frontier

November 27 2023
CST 3:oo PM | EST 4:oo PM | CET 10:00 PM

AI, what’s it all about? Why’s everyone talking about it nonstop?

Let’s delve into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence (AI) and explore its potential impact on the K-12 education landscape. We have the answers for you from ed tech experts in the field. Let’s shape the ethical use of AI, ensure technology serves as a catalyst for inclusive learning, and explore the frontiers of AI in education!

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Sheryl Abshire and Allison Reid

Sheryl Abshire & Allison Reid

Edtech Leaders

Sheryl Abshire 40+year veteran educator, worked as school principal, K-5 teacher, library/media specialist, classroom teacher, assistant professor Lamar University, adjunct professor at McNeese State Univ & Louisiana Tech Univ. Involved in diverse staff development programs throughout the nation involving restructuring schools through the infusion of technology & curriculum enhancements.Sheryl served on ISTE Standards & Accreditation Committee & serves on numerous national, state, & district committees focusing on role of technology & curriculum integration in changing educational practice. Dr. Abshire is sought-after speaker on educational and technology issues, extensively presented and published nationally and internationally about funding, leadership, education, & technology issues.Allison Reid Allison Reid, an accomplished educator and CETL certified technology leader, holds an MEd in Instructional Technology from NC State University. She serves as the Senior Director for Digital Learning & Libraries in WCPSS, driving innovation in digital tools.With her unique blend of teaching and tech expertise, Allison ensures administrative policies positively impact student outcomes, fostering dynamic and inclusive learning environments. She was a contributor to CoSN’s Digital Equity Toolkit.