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Why invest in curriculum?

Because quality matters.

By saving teachers time, prioritizing student engagement and directly influencing student learning outcomes, high quality instructional materials are the key to effectively preparing students for life after high school graduation.

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The Kognity advantage

A vetted, high quality curriculum for generations of future scientists.

Kognity is not your ordinary publisher of instructional materials. With 10 years of expertise and a network of national Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) experts, we are combining the best of pedagogy and technology to prepare high school students for successful careers in STEM and beyond.

Never before has our world been so complex and scientific literacy is critical to making sense of it all […] That’s why all students – regardless of whether they pursue college or STEM careers – should have access to a high-quality K-12 science education.

High quality instructional materials make a difference because:

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They save teachers valuable time.

Teachers have reported spending up to 12 hours per week sourcing or creating instructional materials, often from unvetted sources.

Removing this burden frees up teacher time for more impactful interactions with students.

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They promote equitable learning.

Some students are disproportionately impacted by the lack of high quality instructional materials that are grade-appropriate.

Implementing a vetted, standards-aligned curriculum evens the playing field for all students.

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The payoff is bigger than the cost.

While cost isn’t necessarily correlated with quality, the payoff from high-quality curriculum can far outweigh the expense.

Investing in higher quality materials today decreases remediation costs tomorrow.

  • When teachers have access to high-quality, aligned instructional materials, it makes a difference in their classroom practice and the instruction students receive.

    Why Materials Matter, EdReports
  • Improving the quality of curriculum is 40x more cost-effective than class-size reduction.

    Why Materials Matter, EdReports
  • [...] "grade-level mastery" doesn’t mean students must have read a particular list of books. It means they have had the chance to practice a core set of grade-level-appropriate competencies for processing information, thinking critically about texts, and solving problems using evidence. Those are essential skills that can make the difference between graduating ready for college or the workplace, or not.

    The Opportunity Myth, TNTP

Built to Address the Gap in the Educational Resources Market

Founder Hugo Wernhoff describes how Kognity was built to occupy a unique place in the educational resources market.

Bridging the gap between technology and pedagogy, Kognity combines high quality, standard-designed content with tech-driven learning design. Shaped by a passionate team of content experts, curriculum specialists, designers and developers looking to make a difference in the world of education.

  • We chose Kognity because of their commitment and understanding of our education needs, the platform’s innovative and comprehensive resources and their exceptional teacher training and customer support. The teachers who utilized Kognity’s resources saw an improvement in student engagement, understanding, and assessments.

    Ladele Bernard

    District Curriculum Specialist, Rapides High School, LA

  • I would recommend Kognity because kids learn more when they’re connected, when they learn what the phenomena are, when they’re given space to talk about it, and when they’re given frequent assessment. All of that leads to better outcomes for students.

    Marcos Cabreros

    Chemistry Teacher, Edison High School, California

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