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Back to School: this time round, make it easier for yourself

As a new school year begins, educators all over the world are asking themselves some familiar questions. How can I be more effective this year? Is there anything I should be doing differently? And most importantly: how can I make things easier for myself this time round?

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a school leader, a seasoned pro or just starting out… Kognity’s free PD resources will give you the perfect kick-start to the term.

Click play on the videos below. Or if you’re short on time, just download the session summary documents.

5 Power Strategies for more effective teaching

Classroom time is valuable. This year, make the most of every moment using 5 Power Strategies for more effective teaching, as introduced by Steve Vorster in his webinar for Kognity.

5 power strategies for more effective teaching

Download and keep Steve Vorster’s  teaching techniques to make the biggest impact on student learning.


3 keys to authentic leadership

Tyler Tarver is an experienced school leader, certified Google trainer, prolific content creator and author of The Baller Teacher Playbook. In his webinar for Kognity, he identified three things that he believes leaders should all be doing.

3 keys to authentic leadership

Download and keep Tyler Tarver’s three keys to authentic leadership


In the words of Kognity teachers

Kognity combines the best of pedagogy and technology, freeing teachers up to do things that technology can’t replicate.

John Patton

IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Universities and Careers Guidance Counsellor and Biology teacher at St Gilgen International School, Salzburg

John uses Kognity’s assignments and analytics to identify and address his DP students’ individual needs, in line with proven learning theory.

Adith Christian Putra Gaghansa

Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics teacher at Springfield School, Jakarta

Adith relies on Kognity’s practice questions, automated feedback and analytics to support his IGCSE students’ independent study and inform his teaching.

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