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Kognity raises USD 20m to improve learning in US high schools

Kognity, a Stockholm based EdTech company with customer schools in over 100 countries, is taking the next step towards its ambition of radically improving learning globally by entering the US high school market. To support the growth journey, Kognity is partnering with leading Nordic growth investor, Alfvén & Didrikson.

Kognity launched its learning platform in 2015. Through initially targeting international curricula, the company has established a global school customer base across more than 100 countries. Following this growth, Kognity is now initiating an expansion of its offering to state curricula, starting with US high schools.

“We are beyond excited to start this next phase of our journey. Since our launch, we have helped over ¼ million teachers and students across all continents to better learning outcomes. During the Covid pandemic, many schools have relied on Kognity to continue their operations. But we’re only at the beginning of our journey. We’re convinced that Kognity can play a role on a global scale in solving the massive challenges facing education today. Expanding to US high schools, as our first national curriculum market, is an important step towards that”, says Kognity’s CEO, Hugo Wernhoff.

To support the growth journey, Kognity has partnered with renowned Nordic growth investor, Alfvén & Didrikson, who are now investing USD 20 million. Alfvén & Didrikson is drawing from experience of scaling global success stories such as Trustly, Acast, Quinyx and Mentimeter, in helping Kognity succeed in this next phase of its journey.

“We are very impressed by Kognity, its growth and its established market positions in existing verticals. We are now looking to back Kognity’s purposeful expansion to the large and important US high school market. Over the longer term, we believe Kognity is one of few players that can address inequity in education globally. This is a meaningful mission that we are proud to support,” says Alfvén & Didrikson’s CEO and partner, Maria Åhr, who is joining Kognity’s board of directors together with Ken Liebkind, also partner at Alfvén & Didrikson.

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