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Dr. TJ Heck • 07/02/2024  •  1 min read

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Microsystems of Assessment and You: Getting the Most out of Your Assessment Data

In this enlightening session, Dr. TJ Heck, a seasoned educator with a rich background in curriculum, instruction, and teacher education, will guide you through the concept of Microsystems of Assessment. This innovative approach puts you in control of the assessments that matter most to your students’ learning journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsystems of assessment are under YOUR control: learn how to take charge of the assessments that directly impact your students’ progress and success.
  • Understanding all of the opportunities for assessment data collection: discover the comprehensive landscape of assessment opportunities available to you. Uncover strategies to map, compare, organize, and fully understand the data you collect.
  • Sharing evidence from your microsystem of assessment is a powerful communication tool: Dr. TJ Heck will provide insights into leveraging assessment data as a communication tool, fostering collaboration and support for student learning.

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Dr. TJ Heck

Dr. TJ Heck

Director of Science Assessment, Experienced Science Education Consultant

Dr. TJ Heck embarked on her education career as a middle school science teacher in 2007. With a Doctorate from Michigan State University in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education, she has been involved in various curriculum and assessment research and design projects. Dr. Heck led the development and implementation of Michigan's NGSS-aligned state summative science assessment.