Appreciative Inquiry: a school leader’s toolbox for meaningful change

The concept of Appreciative Inquiry and how to use it (7 minutes)

Appreciative Inquiry is a process that helps school leaders implement lasting, positive change and inspire their colleagues. Jen Olmsted is an experienced school leader, and here she shares her 5 steps for implementing this strategy at your school.

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The process includes: 
  • How to get your colleagues on board with change 
  • How to collect data
  • How to share results within your school 



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This webinar was hosted by Jen Olmsted for Kognity

Portrait of Jen Olmsted

Jen Olmsted is the former Head of School at the Singapore School in Jakarta. With over 26 years as a teacher and school leader, she is committed to working with educators to maximise their potential and foster a positive culture in schools.