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06/08/2022  •  3 min read

Webinar Crafting a Sustainable Budget Process for Your School

March 30th, 2021 – 10 AM GMT+1

In this webinar for school leaders, we will explore a range of ideas, techniques and systems to ensure your school budget is sustainable in the long run.

We will focus on:

a. Balancing the budget and what can be done when faced with a budget crisis.  We will look at ways to solve a short term budget crunch.
b. Benchmarking to stay on track with expenditures. We will discuss tips to ensure your budget does not blow out over the academic year.
c. Creating school budgets to ensure the long term health of the school. How to create long term plans to keep budgets in check.

This webinar will be suitable for school leaders. If you are a teacher or head of department, please join us for Jen’s other session – How to Get Budgetary Approval for Your Dream Project, where we will look at what needs to be included in your proposal that will give you the greatest chance for it to be approved.

About the host

Jen Olmsted is currently Head of School at the Singapore School in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has over 26 years experience as a school leader and teacher.  She has led both Teacher and Leadership workshops, and is committed to developing educators to reach their greatest potential and foster a positive school culture.  Jen has worked in a range of international schools from Hong Kong to Switzerland, and appreciates diverse school communities. Jen Olmsted has also taught IBDP Economics for 23 years, and has been an examiner for paper 2, paper 3 and an IA moderator for almost 10 years.


Dan Hyde is currently Deputy Head Teacher at Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk. Prior to this, he was a Head of Faculty at a leading independent school in the UK, line-managing up to 35 members of staff. During this time, he spearheaded the proposal for a £1.6million Performing Arts Centre, working with Senior Managers, Governors and Project Managers to ensure its completion in 2018.

Dan has a Master’s and Doctorate in Education from King’s College, London, where he particularly focused on modes of accountability, school effectiveness and school improvement.



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