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Webinar: Explaining the utility of Theory of Knowledge to students

Theory of knowledge can seem a daunting prospect for some students, who often struggle to tackle abstract questions that have no correct answer. A number of students even fail to understand why they are obliged to complete the ToK course perceiving it as an unnecessary hoop they have to jump through, in order to complete the Diploma Programme.

The aim of this webinar is to enable ToK teachers to put forward persuasive arguments to convince your students that ToK really can help them, academically and personally. I would also like to provide some concrete class ideas about how we can reinforce ToK skills that enable greater performance in the broader context of the diploma programme.

The webinar will cover
– Common preconceptions held by some students
– How ToK works on skills that allow students to access higher mark bands in other DP subjects
– Class ideas that can help students develop the identified skills


About the host: Rory Palframan

Rory Palframan has been teaching in the DP program for the past several years at Colegio San Patricio, Madrid. As well as teaching Theory of Knowledge, he has also taught English B and Global Politics. Originally a Philosophy graduate from the University of Kent he is currently studying International Relations at the Universidad Oberta De Catalunya. When not teaching, studying, or being a father, he enjoys exploring the nearby mountains of la Sierra de Guadarrama on bike or foot.



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