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Dr. Erin Lark • 02/10/2023  •  30 sec read

k-12 | localization | place-based learning | real-world phenomena | science education | science instruction | STEM

Webinar: Unlocking the Power of Localization in Science Instruction

What is the role of place-based learning in science education?

Gain a deep understanding of the profound impact of embedding real-world connections in science education, and develop effective techniques to leverage local environments, everyday life examples and case studies to enhance student outcomes.

This Kognity-sponsored edWebinar, led by Dr. Erin Lark, will provide you with actionable insights and strategies to revolutionize your approach to science instruction, applying the concept of place-based learning to inspire a new generation of scientists.

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Dr. Erik Lark

Dr. Erin Lark

STEM Educator, Vancouver Public Schools (WA)

Dr. Erin Lark is an award-winning K-12 STEM teacher and instructional leader in Washington State. Using an interdisciplinary, literacy-driven approach, her students explore concepts like climate change through hands-on projects and service learning. Dr. Lark believes the innovators of tomorrow are in our classrooms today, teaching questioning and perspective taking as keys to innovation. She takes a career-connected approach, building mentorship experiences with local organizations, knowing community-engaged students see themselves as agents of change with incredible potential. She is a graduate program instructor, editor for an academic journal, blogger, and podcaster. Her belief in the power of STEM education to propel all students into family-sustaining, future-oriented careers motivates her dedication to continuous learning as a joyful pursuit.