This is Kognity

We have adapted the traditional textbook to digitally consumable text with video examples, 3D models and practice tests to make the content more interactive and engaging. The best part is that all our textbooks are curriculum-aligned and are designed to enhance deeper learning.
Together with teachers, curriculum experts and our developers, we combine pedagogy and technology to take students’ learning to the next level.

Interactive learning

Our platform offer videos, animations, and automatically corrected questions to fully utilize the capacity technology can offer in improving learning for students.

Quality-assured content

Our content is specifically designed to match the curriculum made to be highly relevant for schools. Experienced educators and examiners have authored the texts and questions to tailor-fit the needs of teachers and students.

Know what your students know

By rethinking what a textbook resource could be, Kognity moves away from plain text to an interactive learning experience to suit the needs of your students. In this way, we can change the textbook from a static one-way to a dynamic two-way flow of information, thus helping teachers and students achieve better results.

One of the key strengths of our platform is the ability to track data and display it for you so you can put efforts into adjusting your efforts according to students results, thus bringing them to the next level.


of students feel that Kognity has helped them achieve higher scores on tests.


of students find Kognity more engaging and fun than their printed textbooks.


of teachers find that Kognity simplifies formative assessment.

I have used Kognity to study on several occasions and it has broadened my knowledge significantly. I find it reassuring as all the required knowledge and knowledge skills are detailed within and this lends a sense of confidence in one’s learning that is not always present.

IB Student at Colegio Anglo Colombiano

One of the biggest impacts schools can make on student growth is improving feedback and meta-cognition. That’s where Kognity comes in. Kognity provides students with a fantastic way of attempting questions in their own time and getting automatic feedback, which makes them reflect on what they have learned and not learned. It gives me as a teacher, a way to assess their abilities quickly as well and give them better targeted feedback.

Science Teacher at Westminister Academy, London

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