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What is Kognity?

Kognity is a digital education platform that puts quality, curriculum-aligned content at your fingertips. You can easily send auto-correcting assignments and analyse student progress, so you can make the best use of your teaching time. Engage your students with our interactive content and help them to take ownership of their learning. Access Kognity at any time, from any device, all in one easy to use platform.


of teachers say
Kognity saves them time

We know that the number one obstacle to teachers fully engaging with learners is a lack of time. That’s why our teaching and learning platform is designed to create more time and support for you to get back to what you love – teaching.


Quality, curriculum-aligned content

By rethinking what a textbook could be, Kognity moves away from plain text to an interactive learning experience with video explanations, 3D models, simulations and practice tests that engage students to become independent learners as they can navigate through the content at their own pace. 

All of our textbooks are curriculum-aligned and are designed to enhance deeper learning. Together with teachers, curriculum experts and our developers, we combine pedagogy and technology to ensure your students have everything they need to excel in their exams.



of students find Kognity more engaging
and fun than printed textbooks



Assignments in a few clicks

With over 10,000 ready-made questions labelled by difficulty, you can easily create meaningful assignments and share them in a few clicks. There are three types of assignments: short questions, reading exercises and longer exam-style questions with mark schemes. You can also choose to add your own questions to the platform. 

Easily differentiate your teaching by choosing which students will receive different assignments to align with their individual learning journeys. 

All of our question assignments are auto-correcting, meaning you save time grading, while students receive instant feedback on their work. View, assess or download the student data for each assignment in order to identify knowledge gaps on an individual or class level. 

Short question, reading and exam-style assignments will save you time, not only with assessment but also in the classroom.

Flip the classroom by setting reading and question assignments before the content is taught in class. By tracking which students have and have not completed their reading, and then reviewing the results, you can use your time in class more effectively to address knowledge gaps, as well as for deeper analysis, evaluation and critical thinking. 



of teachers find that Kognity
simplifies formative assessment



Know what your students know

Kognity will also help you to spend your time in the best way with the ability to track student data, allowing you to tailor your teaching to individual needs and to make sure your students are supported where they need it the most.

You can easily identify which students are behind or ahead with their learning, and then get them back on track by setting required reading assignments. Dive deeper into each student’s profile to track their progress, convey assignment statistics at parent conferences and monitor what students are independently studying.


The statistics dashboard allows
you to monitor student performance for
both assigned work and independent study



Create independent learners

With Kognity, students have a platform where they can access reading, questions and exam-style assignments that have been set by their teachers. They can access the platform from any device, as long as they have an internet connection. 

They can also easily identify their strengths and weaknesses thanks to intelligent ‘strength bars’ which mimic the human memory. The strength bars reflect their frequency of reading for a particular topic as well as success in their assignments, allowing them to focus on their knowledge gaps during revision for mock and end of year exams. 

In the practice centre, students can take more assignments, practise at their own pace and even compete against one another through our Strength Battles for a bit of added fun.


of students feel that Kognity has helped them achieve higher scores on tests.

What our customers say

I have used Kognity to study on several occasions and it has broadened my knowledge significantly. I find it reassuring as all the required knowledge and knowledge skills are detailed within and this lends a sense of confidence in one’s learning that is not always present.

IB Student at Colegio Anglo Colombiano

One of the biggest impacts schools can make on student growth is improving feedback and metacognition. That’s where Kognity comes in. Kognity provides students with a fantastic way of attempting questions in their own time and getting automatic feedback, which makes them reflect on what they have learned and not learned. It gives me, as a teacher, a way to assess their abilities quickly as well and give them better targeted feedback.

Science Teacher at Westminister Academy, London

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