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IB Global Conference, The Hague, 6-8 October 2022

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Join Kognity’s session live at the IB Global Conference in The Hague

How to Plan Innovative Lessons that Inspire Action

Friday October 7, 2pm | Room: Africa
For classroom teachers, pedagogical leaders, coordinators, directors of technology and innovation and more.

Get ready to take meaningful action in your classroom.

This workshop will focus on proven pedagogical strategies and innovative digital tools that educators can use to enhance their teaching. In this interactive session, participants will work with content from IB Diploma Programme courses and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as we explore effective and inspiring methods of designing lessons that truly engage learners in playing their part on the local and global level. You will leave this session with new ideas for incorporating impactful, actionable ideas into future lessons with your students.

Download a summary of John’s top 10 tips for inspiring student action in the classroom.

Session hosted by John Patton

John Patton is the IBDP Coordinator and University Guidance Counselor at St. Gilgen International School. He loves the power of education and is driven by helping students discover in themselves their purpose and the positive impact they can have in the world, both locally and globally. As a pedagogical leader, John leads workshops focused on effective teaching and learning for the development of student passions. His current research critically evaluates the ways educational institutions support the development of student purpose through reliable pedagogical techniques.

In cooperation with the IB

After releasing an updated digital resource aligned with the latest Business Management syllabus (first teaching in 2022), Kognity is working in cooperation with the IB to co-publish new IB Diploma Programme Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses for first teaching in autumn 2023.

John Patton - IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Universities and Careers Guidance Counsellor and Biology teacher at St Gilgen International School

John uses Kognity’s assignments and analytics to identify and address his IB students’ individual needs, in line with proven learning theory.

  • "I have been teaching for 40 years and find Kognity the most useful tool I have ever used. Easy to use, extremely well organized with superb illustrations, videos etc. The assignment system is also excellent. Wish it had been around in 1979!"

    Neil Mason

    Biology Teacher

  • “Teaching is very different to how it was 15 years ago. Students are so technology-biased now, they’re not even interested in opening paper textbooks anymore. Kognity has all the value a textbook has, but you’re presenting it in a format that students really will engage with.”

    Jill Sculerati

    Science Department Lead