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Hugo Wernhoff

Our vision is to radically improve learning for students around the world using the power of technology. We started with humble beginnings in Sweden, when a friend and I simply wanted to create the dynamic resources we both wanted to have in school ourselves. Now, 8 years later, we are working with hundreds of subject experts and learning designers to create the highest quality resources. We are supporting schools in over 110 countries and across 38 states in the US. We can’t wait to help more teachers and students with our brand new NGSS offering. 

At Kognity, we believe that learning is a journey in which each and every learner makes unique choices and connections – between ideas, between concepts, between people – and teachers guide and support this. We know that it is the teacher who can have the biggest impact on a learner’s experience. For this reason, we work to empower teachers by supporting them with the best tools to succeed.

You’ve signed up for a sneak preview of our brand new platform for NGSS High School teachers and students and I can’t wait to see what you think! We developed all our products in close partnership with teachers, so your ideas and feedback are what we thrive on. Keep an eye out for an email from your personal Kognity contact, and in the meantime I look forward to hearing any thoughts you have. 

Welcome onboard!

Hugo Wernhoff
Co-Founder and CEO, Kognity

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Watch this video to learn more about what Kognity is developing for NGSS High School students and teachers!

What our customers say

“Kognity is a well organized, visually-appealing material for students and educators. The fast grading and immediate feedback for students is awesome. I am not going back to a traditional textbook.”

Juliet Perry
Chemistry Teacher
Shaker Heights High School, Ohio

“I love that Kognity can be used as a tool to encourage students to be independent and can also be used in class. I especially love the easy reading and videos that are inserted. Kognity is the best!!!!”

Tchnavia Merrick
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, US