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Kognity for High School Science is much more than an online textbook. It is an extensive platform designed to put both teachers and students in control with flexible, engaging, accessible content for the high school science classroom.

Discover the platform’s key features and how they will support you as you engage your students and teach them to take science into the real world.

Kognity for High School Science introduction to anchoring phenomenon

Anchor learning to observable phenomena

Each unit of Kognity for High School Science begins with an introduction of an anchoring phenomenon, which you and your students then further explore via the investigative phenomena presented in the unit modules.

This provides a cohesive storyline that ties the content together and helps students connect the dots between the different topics and concepts presented.

Kognity for High School Science driving question board

Foster student agency and active learning

The introduction section of each unit encourages students ask questions and engage with each other through the new Driving question board. The board is resurfaced throughout the unit to help them connect back to those questions use their curiosity to guide their learning as a class.

Reflection boxes at the end of each module give students the chance to record their thoughts as they progress through the material, while Activity sheets enable them to store their answers in the platform and hold themselves accountable.

Kognity for High School Science teacher notes

Promote offline collaboration

Kognity is a digital-first resource, but that does not mean that students are expected to constantly sit in front of their screens. On the contrary, the digital book is full of prompts and opportunities for you as a teacher to drive offline activities in your classroom.

The readily-accessible teacher guides, lesson plans and embedded teacher notes will give you ideas for how you can facilitate these activities and support students as they explore.

Kognity for High School Science Media Library

Engage students with interactive content

Kognity drastically reduces the amount of time you need to spend sourcing teaching materials by giving you access to a rich Media Library with hundreds of images, videos, 3D models and other interactives.

The best part? All materials have been vetted by Kognity experts and are ready to integrate into your lessons in any way you choose.

Kognity for High School Science Insights section

Keep on top of student progress

The Insights section of your Kognity course allows you to keep track of how your classes and individual students are performing.

You can monitor reading progress and get an overview of student performance in all questions they take in the platform. These include the Strength tests available in the Practice Center as well as questions assigned by you.

End-of-module Performance tasks provide an additional means for you to assess student progress over time, and an opportunity for students to prepare for state tests.

Kognity for High School Scince immersive reader

Make learning accessible for all students

With built-in scaffolds and multiple entry points, Kognity for High School Science helps you to provide accessible learning experiences for diverse students.

The integrated reading assistance enables students to adapt lessons and content to their individual needs with screen enhancement options, text customisations, text-to-speech functionality, embedded glossaries and instant translation into 120+ languages.

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