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9 Spooky Halloween Science Resources For Your Class

Celebrating Halloween with Science

Halloween is a great time to get students excited about science! We’ve compiled some resources you can use in class to get your kids engaged with science this fall. From fun experiments you can do in class, to understanding the chemistry of pumpkins, we hope you can find something your students will love!

Dark Matter Day 2022 (31st October)

October 31st marks not only Halloween, but also Dark Matter Day. This ‘mysterious’ topic is a great one to cover in class at this time of year, especially as a way to work on students’ debate skills when it comes to the different theories surrounding dark matter. We loved these resources and fun infographic from  to help you get started! 

Dark matter resources

Using Zombies to Teach Science?

As a bonus, we loved this Lab Out Loud podcast episode in which Dr. Steven Schlozman delves into how to use zombies to teach science in the classroom. 

Listen to the podcast

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