Cambridge IGCSE™ International Mathematics

Key features:

  • Investigations to deepen learning, develop problem-solving and modeling skills and help students prepare for examinations
  • Calculator instructions for GDCs (aligned with approach of IBDP)
  • Making connections boxes to help students make links between areas of Mathematics and other subjects
  • GeoGebra applets to engage students and deepen learning
  • Hint boxes to help students choose an appropriate problem-solving strategy

Kognity textbook IGCSE International Maths

Our IGCSE International Mathematics subject supports the full Cambridge IGCSE™ International Mathematics (0607) syllabus for first examination from 2020.

This text has not been through the Cambridge International endorsement process.


Take a look inside…

3d model of a cell
Interactive applet of a converging lens
simulation of particle theory

GeoGebra applet

Study skills box

Hint box

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