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Invaluable insights into student progress

Kognity’s analytics and data functionality unlocks more effective tracking of student progress and improves teaching and learning.

Differentiated teaching and personalised learning

Kognity gives teachers easy access to powerful information that allows them to tailor their teaching, ensuring that every student gets the support they need. Your teaching and learning platform for the IB Diploma Programme combines great pedagogy with innovative technology, to inform better learning experiences.

Informing excellent DP teaching and learning

Get access to user-friendly, actionable data that drives improved student outcomes and more efficient use of classroom time.

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Track progress easily

Get an instant snapshot or a detailed breakdown of every student’s progress and engagement.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily
  • Analysis presented in a clear and useful format
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Efficient, differentiated teaching

Make better use of classroom time, get through the course more quickly and address your students’ specific needs.

  • Plan lessons based on a clear picture of each student’s progress
  • Save valuable teaching time due to increased efficiency
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Feed back with confidence

Base your feedback and reporting on consistent, reliable data.

  • Evidence of progress readily available at all times
  • Supports informed, timely communication with students and parents
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Take a schoolwide view

School leaders and heads of department get a clear overview of teaching and learning.

  • Oversee consistent learning experiences across classes, departments and schools
  • Identify areas where more support is needed

What teachers are saying about Kognity…


“Kognity allows me to assess my students’ performance more easily”


“Kognity helps me identify gaps in students’ knowledge and skills”


“Kognity allows me to adapt tasks according to students’ needs”

  • Kognity does much more than a textbook. It’s a hugely powerful resource.

    James Taylor

    History Teacher/IB Coordinator, Gunma Kokusai Academy, Japan

  • Kognity is value for learning. It enables you as a Head to track learning and assessment, monitor teaching and student ownership and have inspirational conversations with your staff and students. It improves student attainment.

    Dr Tassos Anastasiades

    Head of School at Edubridge School, India

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