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Interactive textbooks for the IB Diploma Programme

We’re proud to be the IB’s first ever digital-only co-publishing partner! Developed by expert authors, Kognity’s engaging and interactive content captures students’ imaginations and makes it easier for them to learn.

Curriculum-aligned materials that elevate DP teaching and learning

With Kognity’s interactive content, teachers can more easily shape active and inclusive learning journeys for all DP students. Your teaching and learning platform for the IB Diploma Programme combines great pedagogy with innovative technology, bringing subjects to life.

The modern DP learning experience

Get access to a wealth of inspiring, interactive, curriculum-aligned material, presented in a digital-first format that meets the needs of the modern learner.

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Rethinking the online textbook

In line with best practices in modern learning design, Kognity’s materials shape an inspiring and active learning experience.

  • Audio and video materials, applets and 3D models that capture students’ interest
  • Diverse, up-to-date, relatable examples and case studies
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Supporting active learning

Encouraging a proactive approach to learning, and giving students the confidence to take ownership of their progress.

  • Embedded formative assessment that improves understanding and knowledge retention
  • Note-taking and highlighting functions
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Reliable and up to date

Top-quality, curriculum-aligned textbook content, created by experts and subject to rigorous quality control. Unlike traditional textbooks, Kognity won’t go out of date.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the latest DP syllabuses
  • Continually updated to address syllabus changes and user feedback
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There whenever you need it

Kognity’s interactive textbooks give teachers and students freedom and flexibility. No more carrying heavy textbooks, and no need for learning ever to be disrupted.

  • Textbooks for all subjects available anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Printable content to support offline learning

What teachers are saying about Kognity…


“It’s easier to engage my students with Kognity’s interactive textbooks than with traditional textbooks”


“Kognity supports me in motivating learners”


“Kognity helps me to connect different topics that I’m teaching”

  • “The students have found Kognity extremely helpful and enjoy the fun, interactive nature of the resource, as theory is presented in many different ways (videos, animations, graphs etc, not just text). As a teacher Kognity helps me to flip the classroom by allowing me to send out assignments to students, and then showing me where my students are struggling in black and white. As these assignments are automatically corrected, it has also been a time-saver. I would definitely recommend Kognity to more science teachers.”

    Andrew Couch

    Physics Lead

  • Kognity allows me to spend my planning time searching for more activity-based or discussion-based activities. I don’t have to worry about delivering content or grading homework. It allows me the flexibility to do the things that are honestly more fun to do as a teacher.

    Stephen Lo Bianco

    Economics Teacher at American School of Doha, Qatar

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