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Giving students control of their learning

Kognity’s Practice Centre supports IB Diploma Programme students with taking ownership of their progress, giving them a clear framework for effective self-directed learning and exam preparation.

Developing independent IB Diploma Programme learners

In the Practice Centre, students get access to a bank of curriculum-aligned materials and gamified learning activities. Clear progress tracking helps learners to identify areas to prioritise, resulting in more efficient exam preparation.

Kognity gives students the tools for more effective self-directed learning

In the Practice Centre, students find top-quality materials and a clear framework for independent learning. The digital-first format boosts engagement and enables real-time feedback.


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Extensive, reliable resources

The Practice Centre offers a wealth of assessments and activities for students to complete at their own pace.

  • over 10,000 curriculum-aligned questions
  • expertly-curated exam-style questions
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Faster feedback, faster progress

Students get instant feedback and explanations, ensuring that misunderstandings and knowledge gaps are addressed immediately.

  • feedback provided at the moment when it has the greatest impact on learning
  • reduced workload for teachers
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Quizzes and gamified learning

Fun, bite-size quizzes and competitive challenges that make independent learning more enjoyable.

  • strength tests for regular, low-stakes knowledge checks
  • battles against classmates and the Kogbot
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Tracking and reflection

Students can track and reflect on their own progress and plan their study time more efficiently, while teachers also get insights into student activity in the Practice Centre.

  • strength bars track student learning and highlight areas to prioritise
  • teachers can monitor progress and engagement

What teachers are saying about Kognity…


“Kognity helps my students take more ownership of their learning”


“Kognity improves student achievement”


“Kognity supports me in motivating learners”

  • Kognity offers so much, and empowers students to become independent learners, evaluating their own progress.

    Kenneth Horrocks

    Biology Teacher at Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • I love that Kognity can be used as a tool to encourage students to be independent and can also be used in class. I especially love the easy reading and videos, as well as the exam-style questions. Kognity is the best!

    Tchnavia Merrick

    Teacher at Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, USA

A wealth of free resources

Kognity provides a wealth of top-quality PD materials for teachers, including webinars, articles and downloadable guides – free and on demand.

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