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Assessment made easy

Kognity’s assessment support takes the hassle out of setting and correcting assignments, allowing teachers to evaluate learning in a more useful and efficient way.

Saving teachers time and powering student progress

Kognity supports teachers with setting meaningful, engaging tasks that enhance students’ learning – because ‘assessment’ means more than just ‘tests’. Your teaching and learning platform for Cambridge IGCSE™ combines great pedagogy with innovative technology, to make assessment less labour-intensive and more purposeful.

An efficient and user-friendly way to set assignments and monitor students’ learning

Kognity allows teachers to make more productive use of assessment, with less time and effort required.

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Automated assignments

Set differentiated, auto-correcting assignments for the whole class in a couple of clicks.

  • Teachers save hours spent on assessment
  • Instant feedback maximises students’ learning, addressing misunderstandings immediately
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Easy differentiation

Set assignments at just the right level, selecting from an expertly-curated question bank.

  • Over 10,000 curriculum-aligned questions
  • Add your own questions and customise assignments
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Assessment with a purpose

Make the most of opportunities for formative assessment, as well as exam preparation.

  • Assignments seamlessly integrated into the learning process
  • Practice questions to support effective exam preparation
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A modern assessment experience

Online assignments are more enjoyable and accessible for students, boosting both progress and engagement.

  • Appealing, digital-first presentation with gamified activities
  • Available anywhere and anytime, with integrated language support

What teachers are saying about Kognity…


“Kognity allows me to assess my students’ performance more easily”


“Kognity improves student achievement”


“Kognity helps me identify gaps in students’ knowledge and skills”

  • Kognity does half the job for you. If you set homework for your students, you don’t have to mark it because Kognity’s assignments automatically correct themselves. You can save yourself an hour with that alone and finish work earlier.

    Matt Broderick

    Head of Science at Repton School Dubai, UAE

  • Thanks to Kognity we’ve seen a real increase in the number of raw marks that our pupils are achieving compared to our last assessment point. Gaps have been closed.

    Sophie Flanagan

    Head of Science, Ark Elvin Academy, UK

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