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  • We chose Kognity because of their commitment and understanding of our education needs, the platform’s innovative and comprehensive resources and their exceptional teacher training and customer support. The teachers who utilized Kognity’s resources saw an improvement in student engagement, understanding, and assessments.

    Ladele Bernard

    District Curriculum Specialist, Rapides High School, LA

  • Kognity is teacher friendly but more importantly it builds better outcomes and better experiences for students.

    Jim Clark

    Science Educator, Curriculum Specialist, NGSS Instructor, Instructional Coach

  • Kognity is an open framework, so if you have an experienced team of educators, there’s plenty of space to add your own flair. But, for our new, young educators, it’s a complete program for them which helps them to succeed.

    Marcos Cabreros

    Chemistry Teacher, Edison High School, California

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Kognity for free?

Yes, through our 30-day free trial. Sign up here and follow the in-product tour for a guided walkthrough of our platform and curriculum.

How is Kognity’s high school science curriculum created?

We work with subject matter experts, educators, and pedagogy specialists to craft a high-quality, NGSS aligned curriculum. Our advisors provide guidance as we establish the scope and sequence for each subject, while also supporting the development of rigorous assessments. Through an iterative and collaborative process, our expert authors and reviewers work together to develop the content, ensuring alignment with the standards.

How long does it take to implement Kognity into the classroom?

After one day of platform training and set up, teachers will be ready to start using Kognity. We also offer comprehensive support, with our team available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Can Kognity’s science curriculum be used for a full school year?

Yes, the Kognity curriculum is comprehensive and can be used for the full 180 days of the school year. Many teachers using Kognity take this approach, but some also use it as a supplemental resource to complement their lessons.

Are all high school science courses included in one subscription?

Yes, all courses – Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science (SY 24-25), and Physics – are included in the yearly subscription and readily available as much or as little as you’d like.

How much does Kognity cost?

The price of Kognity varies depending on the number of students you have. A Kognity subscription is charged per student, per year. Teacher access is always free.

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