Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry FE2023

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Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry (0625) FE2023

Key features


Core and Extended syllabus content comprehensively covered

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Active and interactive learning provided by videos, applets and animations to bring the content to life and increase student engagement

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Skills boxes offering and metacognitive tips and strategies to help students study and self-manage


Scaffolded learning approach offered through auto-marked questions, activity boxes, and worked examples to support all proficiency levels.

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Making connections boxes linking to prior or future learning, or highlighting connections to other IGCSE subjects

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Clear language and pop-up dictionary tool when students highlight words to further support understanding of content

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IGCSE Chemistry FE2023
IGCSE Chemistry FE2023
IGCSE ICT - Notebook instructions

Overview of the subject progress

Track and follow assignments easily

Enhanced notebook instructions

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