Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry FE2023

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Kognity provides full coverage of Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry (0620/0971). Curriculum-aligned resources are available for both FE2023 and FE2019 syllabuses.

Interactive Textbook
Including Big Picture sections that introduce each sub-topic and explore the history of Chemistry, highlighting key ideas and their real-life applications.

Customisable assignments that can be set with just a few clicks, including strength tests, reading tasks and exam-style questions with mark schemes.

Key features


Core and Extended syllabus content comprehensively covered

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Interactive materials such as videos, applets and animations that bring content to life and boost student engagement

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Study skills boxes offering cognitive and metacognitive tips and strategies to support independent study and revision


Scaffolded learning, with auto-marked questions, activity boxes, and worked examples to support all proficiency levels

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Making connections boxes linking to prior or future learning and highlighting connections with other IGCSE subjects

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ClearInteractive glossary to clarify complex or subject-specific vocabulary, supporting EAL learners

Take a look inside…

IGCSE Chemistry FE2023
IGCSE Chemistry FE2023
IGCSE ICT - Notebook instructions

Overview of subject progress

Automated assignments and analytics

Enhanced textbook annotation

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