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Our Subject offering for IGCSE™️

3 of Kognity's IGCSE books
IGCSE subject offering

Cambridge IGCSE™️

  • Co-ordinated Sciences
  • Combined Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • International Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Business Studies

Currently in production

We’re currently producing our new textbooks for the updated syllabus from Cambridge IGCSE for FE2023. As with our previous science resources we are building our subjects to be 100% curriculum-aligned with truly engaging interactive content. 

IGCSE Biology book cover
IGCSE Chemistry book cover
  • Batch 1 now live on our platform!
  • Core and Extended syllabus content comprehensively covered
  • Scaffolded learning approach offered through auto-marked questions, activity boxes and worked examples to support all proficiency levels 
  • Active and interactive learning provided by videos, H5P applets and animations to bring the content to life
  • Practical sections offering hands-on opportunities to develop experimental skills and prepare students for Papers 5 and 6
  • Skills boxes offering cognitive and metacognitive tips and strategies to help students study and self-manage
  • Making connections boxes linking to prior or future learning, or highlighting connections to other IGCSE subjects
  • Interactive glossary and clear language to support international learners
First Language English
  • Batch 1 live on our platform now!
  • Skill-based sections with overarching topic ‘umbrellas’ to keep students engaged
  • Diverse texts and audiovisual material from around the world, representing the truly global nature of the English Language
IGCSE computer science covers
  • Preview content live on our platform now!
  • Hands-on programming tasks built-in
  • Case studies featuring up-to-date global examples to contextualise learning in the real world
Information & Communication Technology
  • Preview content live on our platform now! 
  • Tutorials and hands-on practical activities: Tasks with downloadable source files embedded throughout the content
  • Making connections boxes link to prior or future learning or highlight connections to other IGCSE subjects
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“The students really like it, having Kognity makes them feel more confident. We’re trying to help students become more autonomous and better independent learners, so Kognity definitely helps with that. Kognity has simple explanations, which give teachers more time to focus on students and their individual needs.”

Dr. Matt Welling, Head of Science
Varee Chiangmai International School


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