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IBDP English B & Spanish B

  • 100% aligned to the IBDP Syllabus
  • Exam practice
  • HL/SL support for differentiation
  • Support for speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.
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IB Language teachers will finally be able to enjoy Kognity’s learning platform!
Our platform gives you easy access to curriculum-aligned content, powerful statistics and a robust assessment toolkit – all in one place.

  • Interactive content, curriculum-aligned
  • Robust assessment toolkit
  • Student practice centre
  • Student insights and statistics

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“I think this could benefit any teacher as it has all the IB requirements and it is easy to follow and get organized. Also, there are a variety of situations when this material will be extra useful. For example, tt caters to SL and HL so it will help teachers who have mixed classes. It provides a lot of enrichment activities, so it will help with differentiation.”

Loreto Alonso, Language B teacher
ISB, Thailand
Took part in Kognity’s English B pilot


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The creation of a Kognity subject

The process of creating a new subject for our platform is a complex one. In this clip, we take a detailed look at every step of the process from concept to reality, as well as the impact that Kognity’s platform can have on students and teachers.