Kognity is an online learning platform that supports IBDP teachers and students with distance learning


Kognity supports schools by enabling students to continue to learn effectively, even outside the classroom. Our platform contains fully curriculum-aligned interactive content, with a practice centre for students, and an assignment-setting tool with data-tracking for teachers.

Increase your students’ confidence as independent learners with interactive tools such as 3D simulations, videos and quizzes, and allow them to track where their strengths and weaknesses are within each subject.

How can Kognity support schools?

For Students

  • Prepare for exams and build confidence with over 10,000 interactive questions, with instant feedback for higher retention. 
  • Track strengths and weaknesses by topic, to target independent study time effectively. 
  • Highlight and take revision notes directly in the platform – no need for pen & paper. 
  • Battle classmates from home with quickfire questions – have fun whilst learning! 
  • Great interactive tools with explanatory videos and 3D simulations.

For Teachers

  • Complete syllabus coverage, with up-to-date and relevant material that you can trust. All available online on any device. 
  • Set reading assignments for different textbook sections with interactive comprehension questions. 
  • Choose between pre-written exam style questions (with mark schemes), or short quizzes to set as an assignment. 
  • Track student activity online as well as their progress, so you can target your support where they need it most.

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